R-D Center

Euro Ceramics Ltd. is situated in a sprawling 285 acres of integrated plant with all infrastructure facilities in Kutch district of Gujarat easily accessible by rail, road, nearby Kandla Port and Airport at Bhuj. The main features of the manufacturing process are as follows

▲ Testing of each & every truck of all the INCOMING RAW MATERIALS.
▲ Quality Assurance at the every stage through out the entire process.
▲ Having Chemical Analysis set up.
▲ Pilot plant set up for the trial production of any product before commercial production ( High speed blunger, Planarity mills, Spray drier, Press, Drier, Spraying booth, Screen Printing M/c, Roller Kiln, Polishing M/c ).
All the equipments for the testing of the product during the process and also the finished product.
Own Screen designing & Screen making laboratory.

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