Laying Instructions

☛ Area of usage:

For internal areas only. Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent weathering.

☛ Storage

Store Marble & Quartz slabs in a covered area to protect it from direct sunlight and weather. Even an area covered with tarpaulin will do. The slabs should rest fully against a wall. If they are kept on a stand, an 18mm backing ply board should be used so that they remain flat. Always stack slabs facing polished to polished surface, and unpolished to unpolished surface.
Permanent discoloration, loss in gloss and bending of slabs is possible, if they are not stored and used as recommended here.

☛ Recommended cut size for use:

It is ideal to cut a slab of 10ft X 4ft into 3 equal pieces. If not, use it in at least 2 pieces of size 5ft x 4ft each, provided the thickness of the slab being used is 1.6cm or 18mm. In case the slab is 16mm thick, the maximum recommended size per piece is 2ft x 2ft.

☛ Precautions:

♦ Engineered Marble & Quartz products are recommended for interior applications only.
♦ Prior to installation, it is recommended that marble/quartz from several supply lots are laid on the floor under natural light to check colour consistency.
♦ The company does not recommend using cement/mortar/POP for installation as these have a strong alkalinity. Prolonged exposure can cause permanent discoloration and loss in gloss of the product.
♦ Depending on the site conditions, the equipment/methodology used, and labour skill employed, gloss levels achieved during re-polishing of engineered marble may be different as compared to a factory-finished polish.
♦ The company absolves itself of any responsibility due to complaints arising from improper handling, storage, installation or usage of its products other than the specified recommendations.

☛ Laying Instructions

1) Adhesives:

♦ It is recommended to use adhesives (Diamond Star + Admix AD-1) polymer modified adhesives meeting these specifications.

2) Under Tile & Stone Primer Application

♦ It is recommended to apply 'Under Tile & Stone Primer' from Ardex Endura (India) Pvt. Ltd. or an equivalent product on the back surface and side edges of Marble & Quartz slabs to prevent efflorescence.

3) Surface Preparation

♦ Remove all loose particles, mortar to reach out to a sound surface.
♦ Surface should be made free from dirt, dust and other contaminants.
♦ Surface should be plain, plumb in line without undulations.
♦ New screeds and plastering should be cured for minimum 7 days and dried &completely for minimum 2 weeks or as per manufacturer's specification.

☛ Application of Adhesive & Installation:

♦ Spread the adhesive on wall/floor surface at thickness of 0.2-0.6 cm using suitable steel notch trowel.
♦ Press the slab firmly into position with a slight twisting action and use suitable rubber mallet for gentle tamping.
♦ Depending on the span, it is recommended to provide expansion joints of min. 0.3- 0.5 cm at regular intervals during installation to facilitate thermal expansion; spacers of suitable thickness may be used followed by installing flexible polyurethane sealant.
♦ A gap of minimum 0.8 to 1 cm should be kept around the perimeter (under skirting) of laid marble/quartz flooring.
♦ Suitable support should be provided during the initial setting time to ensure proper adhesion to substrate.

NOTE: In all cases, please follow the instruction of usage (user manual) printed on adhesive bags.

☛ Grouting:

♦ Do not use cement / mortar / POP for grouting as these are alkaline. The reaction may cause patches on joints. Always use epoxy resin based grouts. Grouting can be carried out after 4-5 days of installation; company recommends grouts from ARDEX ENDURA (INDIA) PVT LTD or other equivalent epoxy resin based grouts.

☛ Cleaning and Maintenance:

♦ DO use only neutral detergents for frequent or regular cleaning.
♦ DO clean surfaces ONLY with a neutral stone cleaner. Acetone may be used with care to remove spots or stains, if any.

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